Take your career to the next level

It’s time to take your career to the next level. It’s time for you to be on top.

It’s time you worked with a brokerage that wants you to be successful! 

We focus on the things that make you succeed in today’s market instead of using old processes and

tactics that no longer work. 

See what our Texas real estate agent sponsorship has to offer.


Increased Earning Potential

Funds should be kept where they belong – with the agent who earned them. 

That’s why our sponsorship plans are 100% commission free with no hidden fees!

Standard Monthly: one monthly fee gives you 100% commission real estate

sponsorship and the tools you need to be a successful agent.

Premium Monthly: Same benefits as the standard plan with additional

technology for getting leads and managing clients!

No hidden fees on either plan – no extra charges for things like E&O,

technology, or anything.


Broker Support

With our real estate agent sponsorship, you’ll have access to an experienced

real estate broker that cares about how you’re doing and is easy to reach.  Get the

help you need with questions, transactions, and general guidance when you need it.

-Email, text, or call any time, even in the middle of the night.

-Non-competing real estate broker – the broker doesn’t “cherry-pick” or take leads.‚Äč

-1x1 meetings with the broker.


Work Anywhere

Work from your home or our office. We offer a traditional brick and mortar 

real estate office so you can meet clients wherever its convenient for them.

There are no mandatory “desk time” or “office calls”.